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ADI Check Test Training

The Road Safety Authority / RSA spot checks ADI’s to make sure they are maintaining appropriate standards. Persons required to attend should consider refresher training first, because they have only one opportunity to pass each time. There are four ascending levels of check testing, namely:

  1. Routine ‘Informational’ testing leading to verbal examiner feedback without issuance of a documented assessment.
  2. Formal re-testing leading to a written assessment and renewal of ADI membership if satisfactory.
  3. A formal re-test approximately four weeks later in the event of a failed test (to allow time for refresher training).
  4. A final formal opportunity to remain on the RSA membership register in the event that previous efforts failed.

The Check Test Procedure

The ADI reports to the chosen test centre on the appointed day in good time and with a suitable car and student. If they arrive late, the RSA reschedules within ten days at any testing centre in Ireland that has a slot.

  • The Student may be at any expertise level but must hold a learner (or full) licence appropriate to the vehicle. In the event they fail to turn up on time, the examiner will substitute for the student and will provide the scenario for the test.
  • The Vehicle must be ‘reasonably clean’ with suitable seated accommodation for up to two RSA staff in the rear, and the student and ADI up front. Evidence will be required that it is roadworthy, insured and paid up in terms of tax. These requirements are non-negotiable.

The Lesson the ADI delivers must be the one pre-planned for the student for the day. The examiner will check this in the logbook. They expect ADI’s to exhibit all sixteen core trainer competencies, plus at least five non-core ones. The Standard to meet is same one you met on your original Part 3 Teaching Ability Test,

NUI Driving Instructor Training's Check Test Training

Failing the check test can seriously dent an instructors confidence. However we see time and time again that failures are really only a result of a poor understanding on what you need to demonstrate. Often instructors over plan their ADI check test and end up conducting the lesson in a way they normally would not and make foolish errors in lesson delivery. 

In some rare cases we have seen instructors come to us for check test training that are scarily off target with how they deliver their lessons and this unfortunately a result of the low barrier to entry for becoming an ADI.

Our driving instructor training focuses on delivering more than just the knowledge to gain the qualification but real world knowledge on lesson delivery and being the best instructor you can be.

Do you have a check test or have you recently failed one? Don't leave it us now to find out more about our check test training.


Who we have trained

We have a working relationship with many instructors and driving schools...big and independent

Colmans Driving School Lucan

"NUI Driving Instructor Training were great help with my check test"

RSA Driving School are one of Ireland's largest driving schools providing driving lessons in Dublin, Driving Lessons in Cork and Driving Lessons in Meath and we are proud to say that they choose us for all their driving instructor training

Mary's Driving School Kildare

"NUI helped build my confidence and grow my business"

MyEDT Driving School are specialists in delivering EDT Driving Lessons. Dublin is currently the only city they service but they will soon be providing driving lessons in Cork and we have been chosen to train all their new instructors