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ADI Stage 1

If you apply to become an ADI driving instructor in Ireland, the first step towards your Road Safety Authority (RSA) registration is to successfully complete the first of a three stage testing process. Stage 1 of the approved driving instructor examination is the theory aspect which aims to test your overall knowledge of both driving and driving tuition. The test is divided into subsections that will focus on the following:

Driver Testing Procedures
This section of the test will look at whether you’re capable of adequately judging the ability of learner drivers. You be be required to demonstrate knowledge of correct assessment processes, valuable feedback and criticism, and beneficial guidance for learner drivers.
Road Safety Knowledge
This section of test will look at general knowledge of the road and road safety, with questions based upon the RSA’s Rules of the Road. This is information you should already be familiar with following your own driver training and subsequent experience on the roads.
Instruction Ability
This section of the test will look at how you interact with learner drivers and whether you can demonstrate behaviours and actions that will benefit them. The test will focus on your interpersonal skills, and ability to work with a range of different pupils with various needs.
Vehicle Maintenance
This section of the test will look at your technical knowledge of the type of vehicle you wish to provide tuition in, including the location of different controls, your ability to use these controls in a correct and safe manner, and your ability to teach learners about these functions.
Category-Specific Knowledge
The section of the test will look at your overall knowledge of the type of vehicle you wish to provide tuition in. If, for example, you wish to teach in a category A vehicle, you must be familiar with crash helmet usage and ways to correctly use a motorcycle stand.

ADI Stage 1 FAQ

It’s natural to have questions about what to expect from stage 1 of the ADI test. Here are some of the most common questions that should help you to prepare to undertake the first part of your ADI training:

What Training Do I Need for Stage 1 of the ADI Test?

Always be wary of driving instructor training schools that charge a fee for stage 1 training and tuition. Preparation for the theory test is something that can easily be studied for in your own time, using a combination of online and offline resources such as driving instructor training books and information provided by the RSA. Good driving instructor training schools can advise you on the best resources.

What Format Does the Test Follow?

If you took your driving test after the introduction of the theory test,you should be familiar with the format of the ADI stage 1 examination. Like the driving theory test, you will be asked to use a touchscreen computer to answer 100 multiple choice questions, and use a standard computer mouse to complete a hazard perception section. The time allowed for the test is 1.5 hours, and you will be permitted an additional 15 minutes at the beginning of the test to become familiar with the format.

How Can I Book my ADI Theory Test?

Before booking your theory test, you will need to have applied for your ADI registration through the RSA, and received an ADI eligibility number that you will be required to quote when booking any part of your ADI examination. Once you have this eligibility number, and are confident that you’re prepared and ready for the test, you can book online through the RSA website, or over the phone. You should be given a range of test dates and times available - simply select the most convenient.

Where Can I Take the ADI Stage 1 Test?

The good news is that because stage 1 of the ADI test is computer-based, it can be taken at any of the RSA test centres that are equipped for the driving theory test. Currently, there are 41 RSA Test centres across Ireland where you can opt to take part 1 of your approved driving instructor training. You can choose to take the theory part of the ADI test in either the English or Irish language - you will simply need to indicate your preferences on the form when you apply for your ADI registration.

How Much Does it Cost to Take ADI Part 1?

How much does it cost to become a driving instructor? Costs will vary depending upon the training provider you choose, but the cost for the three stages of the ADI test are standard, regardless of your chosen driving school or where you take your test. For stage 1 of the ADI test, you will be required to pay €150. Should you need to re-sit the test at a later date, or are required to take an alternative theory test for a different vehicle category, you will need to pay an additional €150.

What Result Do I Need to Pass?

The 100 questions asked on the ADI theory test will be broken down into separate categories. You will need to secure a passing result on each of the sections in order to pass the exam. The score you’ll need in order to pass varies across the sections:

Driver testing procedures:
75 percent correct
Road safety knowledge:
72 percent correct
Teaching ability:
60 percent correct
Vehicle maintenance:
70 percent correct
Category specific questions:
70 percent correct

Will I Pass My Examination?

Since 2010, pass rates for stage 1 of the ADI test in Ireland have remained pretty constant - between 73 percent and 74 percent on average - which means that around three quarters of aspiring driving instructors that take the test will successfully pass and be eligible to apply for the next part of the test. If you do not pass the test, you can choose to retake the examination at a later date.

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