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I Have Passed Stage 1 of the ADI Exam

Now What?

Congratulations! Now that you’ve successfully completed stage one of the approved driving instructor test - the theory examination - you’re now well on your way to becoming a registered ADI with the RSA and will soon be able to begin your career as a driving instructor. Once you’ve met the requirements for stage 1, you will be able to book the second part of the test, which is a practical driving exam. The test should be quite familiar - it’s very similar to the practical driving test you will have prepared for as a learner - with a few added modules related to on-the-road instruction.

Stage 2 of the ADI exam looks at your practical knowledge of the road, of your vehicle, the RSA’s Rules of the Road, and your ability to abide by these rules to drive in a safe and considerate manner. Your examiner will base your result on your skills, actions, and behaviours within 19 different categories:

Vehicle Knowledge
You will be assessed based on your ability to demonstrate general knowledge of your vehicle by answering a few basic questions with your examiner.
You will be assessed based on your ability to maintain a safe position on the road in different situations including bends, roundabouts, and when turning at a junction.
You will be assessed based on your ability to accurately and regularly observe the situation and conditions around you with mirrors and blind spot glances when merging.
Hazard Perceptions & Reactions
You will be assessed based on your ability to identify potential hazards on the road and undertake preventive manoeuvres to reduce risk.
Mirror Use
You will be assessed based on your ability to use both rearview and sideview mirrors correctly in different situations including moving off, overtaking, and changing lane.
You will be assessed on your ability to overtake slow-moving vehicles when it is safe to do so, and maintain a suitable clearance from other road users or objects.
You will be assessed on your ability to give the correct signal to other road users in the correct time in situations including overtaking, turning, and when using roundabouts.
Parallel Parking
You will be assessed on your ability to parallel park and determine your right of way while doing so if you are testing in a category B vehicle such as a car.
Emergency Stop
You will be assessed on your ability to safely and competently perform an emergency safety procedure to prevent an accident such as an emergency stop on the road.
Courteous Driving
You will be assessed on your ability to work together with other road users to create a safe environment, which includes being courteous to other drivers.
Exiting the Vehicle
You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate good practices when exiting the vehicle, such as applying the handbrake and turning off any in-car controls.
Basic Driving Skills
You will be assessed your ability to demonstrate basic driving skills, including changing lanes, stopping at traffic lights, and moving forward at a suitable speed.
Control of the Vehicle
You will be assessed on your ability to adequately control your vehicle through use of the accelerator, clutch, footbrake, handbrake, steering, and gears.
You will be assessed on your ability to recognise and adhere to posted speed signs, and maintain a safe speed in areas where speed signs are not posted or immediately clear.
Traffic Control Compliance
You will be assessed on your ability to understand and adhere to traffic control systems including traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, bus lanes, and cycle lanes.
You will be assessed on your ability to determine which road user has the right of way, and take the appropriate action, including yielding to others when it is correct to do so.
You will be assessed on your ability to safely and efficiently reverse when required to do so. You will be judged on your observation, technique, and courtesy.
You will be assessed on your ability to perform standard everyday manoeuvres, including a turnabout in the road amongst other traffic.
Bay Parking
You will be assessed on your ability to safely and conveniently select bay parking. The parking must be legal and fully accessible for loading and unloading.

ADI Stage 2 FAQ

You will be working closely with a driving instructor training school to prepare for stage two of the ADI examination, but you may still have some questions about this part of the ADI registration process. Here’s everything you need to know about stage two, and how and proceed to stage three:

Are There Any Prerequisite Requirements?

As you know, you will be required to have passed stage one of the ADI test within the previous two years, but there are a number of other criteria that you will need to meet to be eligible to take stage two of the examination. You will need to provide proof that you are insured and fully covered to drive the category of vehicle in which you are testing in, as well as showing a full driving licence, providing your ADI eligibility number, and ensuring your vehicle is fully taxed and roadworthy.

How Long Will the Driving Test Last?

The length of the practical driving test for driving instructors will depend on the category of vehicle you are applying to teach (motorbikes or cars, for example) and, of course, local road conditions on the day as heavy traffic may increase the length of the test. Typically, if you’re applying for a category B ADI registration, your test should last between 1 and 1.5 hours, and cover approximately 25 - 30 kilometres in distance. You will be required to answer a few questions prior to the test beginning, and your examiner will spend some time providing feedback and advice at the end of the test.

How Can I Book my ADI Theory Test?

You can book your stage two examination either online via the RSA website or on the phone. You will be required to provide your ADI eligibility number when booking a test, and will be offered a choice of date, time, and test centre which allows you to pick a location and appointment that suits you.

Where Can I Take the ADI Stage 2 Test?

Unlike the theory part of the test which can be taken at any one of 41 RSA testing centres in Ireland, you can only gain your part two driving instructor qualifications from 13 select test centres that have the capacity for driving instructor training. These test centres are located in Athlone, Cork, Dundalk,

Finglas, Galway, Kilkenny, Letterkenny,Limerick, Mullingar, Rathgar,Sligo, Tralee and Waterford. Unfortunately, if you are wishing to take your test in a category A vehicle, you will be restricted to fewer locations - Finglas, Limerick, Sligo, and Waterford. It is recommended that, if you live outside of these locations, you spend some time familiarising yourself with the local roads and road systems.

How Much Does it Cost to Take ADI Part 2?

‘How much does it cost to become a driving instructor?’ - It’s a difficult question to answer as the cost of driving instructor training will depend on the fees charged by your driving instructor training school. However, regardless of your school’s fees, you will be required to pay a set fee to the RSA for stage two of your test. Currently, stage two of the driving instructor test costs €200 per attempt.

What Result Do I Need to Pass?

Aspiring driving instructors will be judged based on stricter criteria than learner drivers are during their practical driving test - as a driving instructor, you cannot afford to pass bad habits along to a new generation of drivers. Assessment for the practical driving test is divided into 19 separate sections, and you will need to finish the examination with less than three faults in any given category, as well as having less than five faults across all categories together. As with the learner driver test, should you receive a ‘major’ fault - demonstrating unsafe driving, for example - you will be automatically disqualified, regardless of how good or bad the remainder of your driving has been during the test.

Will I Pass My Examination?

Stage two of the ADI examination has roughly the same pass rates as stage one. Between 73 percent and 75 percent of those who take the test will enjoy success, according to the Road Safety Authority. Assuming you have worked closely with a good driving instructor training school, made use of study materials such as driving instructor training books, and have been committed to becoming a driving instructor, there is no reason why you should struggle to pass stage two of the ADI examination.

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