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What is an ‘ADI’?

If you’re considering a new career as a driving instructor in Ireland, you may have seen the term ‘ADI’ being thrown around quite regularly, but what is an ADI? ADI stands for Approved Driving Instructor, and in order to legally hold driving instructor jobs across the country, you’ll need to be on the Road Safety Authority’s (RSA) register of approved driving instructors in Ireland. This register holds the details of those who have successfully undertaken approved driving instructor training, and meet the necessary requirements to provide both theoretical and on-the-road tuition to learner drivers.

An advanced driving instructor will have had to have completed driver training and met all driving instructor training requirements in order to be listed on the RSA’s register. This includes a three part examination, and regular, scheduled testing - known as the check test - to ensure skills and experience are being suitably maintained. However, eligibility for the ADI register in Ireland isn’t exclusively based on driving instructor qualifications. According to the RSA, all ADI driving instructors must:

  • Be able to demonstrate tax compliance
  • Have held a full driving licence for a minimum of two years
  • Be in ‘good standing’ - no convictions for fraudulent activity, for example

What’s the Difference Between an ADI and a Non-Registered Driving Instructor?

When first learning to drive, many people opt to undertake training in addition to their formal tuition - with a parent, friend, or other family member for example. You may have even done this yourself. Assuming a person is above the age of 21 and has held a full driving licence for a minimum of three years, it is legal for them to accompany a learner driver in a vehicle and provide informal tuition.

So why become a registered ADI? In Ireland, it is illegal to form a career that supports you financially out of providing driving tuition if you’re not registered with the RSA. This means that you may not charge a fee for your services, and that driving lessons cannot be exchanged for cash or goods. For those wishing to become a driving instructor by trade, either in Ireland or in the United Kingdom, undertaking the necessary qualifications to register as an ADI is the only legal way to do so.

Why Become an ADI?

A registered ADI is able to explore opportunities to turn a passion - driving - into a successful career. Once approved by the RSA registrar, approved driving instructors can opt to apply for driving instructor jobs with national firms, partner with established driving schools, open their own franchise, or build a business from scratch.

Who we have trained

We have a working relationship with many instructors and driving schools...big and independent

Colmans Driving School Lucan

"NUI Driving Instructor Training were great help with my check test"

RSA Driving School are one of Ireland's largest driving schools providing driving lessons in Dublin, Driving Lessons in Cork and Driving Lessons in Meath and we are proud to say that they choose us for all their driving instructor training

Mary's Driving School Kildare

"NUI helped build my confidence and grow my business"

MyEDT Driving School are specialists in delivering EDT Driving Lessons. Dublin is currently the only city they service but they will soon be providing driving lessons in Cork and we have been chosen to train all their new instructors